This is Modern Taxidermy.

Notice:  We no longer use any part of the actual fish.  All marine fish mounts are produced using composites.  So now you can release your catch alive, or eat it for dinner, and still get a beautiful mount for your friends and family to admire!

Here’s what we will need from you:  (detailed explanation below)
1.  Species Identification
2.  Length/Girth Measurement
3.  Weight (Optional)
4.  Photographs

Species ID:  This is usually easy, although certain species can look alike.  Send us your photos and advise the catch location and we can help determine the correct species.  (for contact info, scroll down)
Length/Girth:  To re-create the size of your fish we will need to know the overall length.  This is measured from tip to tip (not the short measurement).  If you don’t happen to have a tape measure on board, simply cut a piece of fishing line to the same length as the fish.  Then measure the fishing line when you get home.  If the fish is too large or too difficult to measure, you can simply estimate the length.  If you are unsure of the length, send us your photos and we can help determine an approximate length. (for contact info, scroll down)
The girth measurement is optional and not required.
Weight:  If you have weighed your fish on a reliable scale, the weight can be used in place of the length measurement, or, can be considered along with the length to confirm the correct size.  If you are able to provide the exact or estimated length, the weight is optional.
Photos:  If you send photos, our artists will then be able to “Authenticate” your mount by matching the colors and markings of your fish.  If you don’t have photos or chose not to send them (ex, if they’ re not very good), our artists will then refer to our own set of reference photos of some of the most beautiful trophy fish taken around the world.  Send your photos by mail, or by email.  (for contact info, scroll down)
MOST IMPORTANT:  Nearly all fish mounts produced these days are made of composite materials and do not include any part of the actual fish.  This is especially the case for all Billfish and other marine species.  Instruct your captain or mate to measure, photograph and release your trophy fish alive.  It is illegal to import Billfish parts into the United States from overseas (including Mexico and Hawaii), including the bill, fins or skin.  (see details)
Contact Info:

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